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‘Leane has helped me to find my true inner self. Leane has shown me how to see the world in a more positive way. Her desire to heal using her unique therapies, has worked for me. Leane's calm presence has helped me to be myself, not to take life so seriously, but only to enjoy it to it's fullest and most importantly she ‘really listens' with a great passion and non-judgementally, which is a very rare quality in a person. Leane is just an amazing person with such unconditional ideas to share with others, may she continue always.'
Donna Maria

‘When I first met Leane I had been single for years, had low self esteem and had thrown myself into a highly stressful job where I felt I continually had to prove myself. Life was a blur of work, stress, bad food, drinking, late nights and not really much else. I had no idea what I was going to say. I would talk about what was going on at that point in time but quite often events and conversations I hadn't thought about for years came to the surface. Slowly we unraveled the events in my life that had made me the person I was. It was a relief being able to say whatever I needed to say without the judgement and opinion you often get from family and friends. The healing is just amazing. At first my mind raced but very quickly this changed. Now my mind is completely still during the healing and I feel as though it soaks into every part of my being. I feel content and at ease afterwards and I leave feeling like a different person. Leane helped me change the way I felt about myself and quickly positive changes began to come my way. It has been an emotional roller-coaster and occasionally situations still arise that rock my world but Leane helps me understand why they come into my life and gives me the support and tools to address them. I am now in a great relationship, own my own home and have excellent work life balance. I am the happiest I have ever been and I credit my transformation solely to Leane. I look forward to and cherish my time with Leane and am thankful that she is part of my life.'

‘In the time I have known Leane her unique approach, incorporating emotional counselling and Reiki healing, has enabled me to finally let go of troublesome recent events and move towards focusing on what I really want from life by inviting positivity into it. Leane encourages me to believe in myself and our sessions are invaluable. I wholeheartedly recommend Leane and believe that others will find her guidance as inspiring and affirming as I do.'

‘I had been unhappy with myself in one way or another for most of my life. Over the years I've tried anti depressants and conventional therapists, none of which really helped me and I'd always end up losing interest after not seeing the results I wanted. I found myself back in a very dark place and so I decided to give therapy one more try but I didn't want a conventional therapist. I wanted someone who was in touch with their spirituality, as I knew this was part of my problem, I had become spiritually and emotionally disconnected. Leane's combination of Reiki and therapy are perfect for me. I immediately felt the difference with Leane. She's become a friend and confidant and I genuinely look forward to my time with her. My self-esteem issues are deep-rooted and I still have some work to do in unprogramming my negative self-beliefs, but I've already made heaps of progress with Leane's help. She's guided me through important life decisions, helped me see that I'm worthy of happiness and given me the courage to go out there and claim it.'

‘My life over the past few years was confused, lonely, depressed. I had no confidence and was just grasping at things to try and make me feel happy and normal but this all lead me to a dead end. I had become reliant on sleeping tablets and pain killers and then I had a breakdown. I was desperate. I decided to see Leane. The warmth and the love that I experienced with her were unbelievable. Leane gave me Reiki healing, counselling and techniques to cope with difficult situations. Her patience and faith in me have been amazing; she has the patience of a saint. Leane was able to dig deep and start working through issues that has caused my behaviour. Now I am on the right path and starting to get excited about my life and see a future for myself. I recommend Leane to anyone as she has had a dramatic impact on my life and I know she'll be able to help and guide anyone who sees her.'

'Leane came into my life at a time when I was experiencing a very dark and depressing home life. Being a Medical Professional and single mother with two teenage daughters, my family life was falling apart. I was unable to cope with the demands of running a home and being there for my daughters, with whom my relationship was severely strained. With Leane's Reiki Healing, Aura cleansing and gentle, positive, non-judgemental guidance, I am no longer in a constant state of anxiety, feel free to breathe again and to experience the good things in life. Leane 'clearing' my home and treating my daughters with Reiki Healing and ‘Clearing' helps make our home and family whole again.
So many thanks Leane for what you did for me. God Bless her and may many more people benefit from her wonderful gift.'
Dr Nina C

‘I met Leane at a very difficult time in my life when diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma Cancer. Leane helped me understand and cope with the emotions I was feeling at the time and provided immense strength and reassurance during my subsequent Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy. Somehow with her help and healing I managed to turn one of the most horrible experiences into a positive one. The inner strength and self belief I have developed are a result of her warmth and faith in me. I feel that I have been healed both physically and emotionally, and that is more than anyone could hope for.'

‘I decided it was time to get my life in order and I needed a bit of help, then I met Leane. My job was going pear-shaped, I was single and at 38 I wanted to meet Mr Right, settle down and have a family. Time was running out and all my friends were married. I was a bit nervous before and during my first session as I had never done anything like this before, during the time I talked about myself, my family and relationships. Leane listened with patience and gave me suggestions. She then put on some calming music, I shut my eyes and she began to heal. What an experience! I had a lovely warm feeling and began to see beautiful colours and light in my head. After each session I felt relaxed, positive and ready to conquer the world, the more I saw Leane the more I loved living and the better I felt about myself. My energy changed and by the end of the year I had been dating Mr Right for six months and was expecting my first child. Everything happened incredibly quickly and I have to say Leane changed my life. Thank you a thousand times over. I can strongly recommend seeing Leane and experiencing for yourself the wonders she performs. She is a truly amazing person.'

‘When I first met Leane I had just come through a major relationship break up and I was very depressed. Frustrated and angry with myself and life, I felt like I couldn't go on anymore with the way I was. I was consumed with anger and guilt. I felt clogged up with negative energy. I had a feeling that traditional therapy or medicine wasn't really going to address my problem and so I started looking for something else. When I met Leane I knew I had indeed found healing. We talked and I told her my story and my issues and problems and I found her to be a very good listener. She is compassionate and non - judgmental, she only offered advice when I asked for it and always good advice. Then we had the healing. As many other people have described on this site, I felt a wonderful warmth and relaxation as soon as she placed her hands around me and over me. I felt a profound inner peace and a feeling I can only describe as love enveloped me. I saw beautiful colours and lights. Afterwards I felt fantastic! More like myself than I had felt in a long time, very calm, relaxed, and balanced. Leane said that she could see me now and I did indeed feel cleaner and lighter and felt that my energy was much healthier and flowing strong. I felt like I'd walked into see Leane that first session with the weight of the world on my shoulders. I left feeling light as a feather. I see her regularly now and always find her a great listener and her healing always leaves me feeling cleansed and strong and balanced. I feel so much happier now than when I first went to see her. Her healing provides the platform for you to be who you really want to be. With her healing I've managed to make huge changes in my life and as an artist and a musician I find that my creativity has not only increased but I've found myself creating more profound work. Altogether I am a happier, more focused, more confident person since I have been seeing Leane and I feel that I am attracting healthier and more positive people and situations into my life now which can only be a reflection of my improved inner state. I would sincerely recommend Leane to anyone. I've already told many of my friends about her. Be open to the experience and suspend any judgments you may have regarding healers and energy work, and I assure you profound change and positivity will come into your life.'

‘I always thought I was a strong individual and dealt with obstacles in my life by myself. I never needed help and that was the approach I took until one day I realised that it is impossible to deal with all issues on your own and sometimes even the most stable, strongest and emotionally balanced person needs help. I was going through an aftermath of a terrible event in my family and personal life and no matter how hard I tried and no matter how much support I received from my family and friends, I couldn't get over it. That is when I decided to ask for help and met Leane. I don't know how after a few sessions of healing everything started falling into its place. I was able to face the fears and made the conclusions which I have been avoiding and failed to deal with over many years and suddenly I found myself moving on effortlessly. Life doesn't stop bringing challenges, so don't expect that your problems will be resolved by someone else, but what you will be able to do is to deal with these challenges quicker and with the least damage to your health or emotional being. I have never felt so much at peace as I do now. Thank you Leane.'

‘Leane has helped me to learn to understand myself and develop and grow as a person by helping me search for and find and get to the root of my problems. She has never pushed me in a certain direction or enforced viewpoints but instead, like a perfect counsellor, has helped me come to my own decisions and awareness with her amazing spiritual guidance and deep understanding of me. Leane's help is really indescribable, apart from my husband and soulmate she is the most important person I am lucky to have met in this life. Her advice and support go beyond the realms of traditional counselling due to her Spiritual Healing and Aura cleansing which give me 100% trust and faith in who she is and what and why she says things. She offers support like a friend however without crossing any boundaries, which is a difficult thing to achieve. As a person her strengths are not only all spiritual ones but also in the role of a counsellor she has superb listening skills, compassion and understanding, thoughtfulness, total commitment, calmness, serenity and is totally non judgemental. Overall with Leane's help and guidance I am a different person to who I used to be. I am less anxious and paranoid, sleep better and most of all understand who I am, why I am here and what my life path is. If I was to win the lottery I would employ Leane on a massive salary to help all my friends and family too.'

‘Since seeing Leane, I have started to listen to my inner voice and speak my truth. Suddenly all the things I've always needed are coming my way - because I'm finally daring to ask for what I want.'

‘Leane helps me feel less anxious, see reason why things happen, not feeling alone and re-energised. She gives me the ability to focus, I can share my problems and feelings without being judged, and she gives me truthful advice.'

‘Leane's Reiki healing helped me with my recovery from breast cancer. After having surgery Leane's regular Reiki healing sessions enabled me to be well again very quickly. My doctors were amazed. Leane's healing was a fundamental part of my recovery.'

‘Leane has given me the strength to succeed in life. With her healing she has helped me to like myself for who I am and not worry about what other people think. I thank her with all my heart.'

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