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Reiki Healing is an ancient Japanese laying on of hands energy channelling healing technique, energies specifically attuned, which brings you the recipient peace, balance, health & well being. You sit on a chair fully clothed & I use my hands to channel energy. I work with my hands at a slight distance in your Aura & with touch on your Chakras, using particular Reiki channelling techniques. Reiki is beneficial for most of life's problems, issues, conditions, physical illness & particularly emotional troubles & stress.


Spiritual Healing is a pure channelling of divine energy which brings you the recipient peace, balance, health & well being. You sit on a chair fully clothed & I use my hands to channel energy. I work with my hands at a slight distance in your Aura & with touch in the areas of your Chakras. Channelling divine Universal energy heals your soul, your spirit, who you really are. Spiritual Healing is beneficial for all of life's problems, issues & conditions both emotional & physical.


Energy Healing is channelling of energy to you & also, using my ability to see your energy field & your energy body with sight, send particular energy frequencies to repair any dents, wholes, energetic attacks or attachments. Everything is energy & so if you are more energy sensitive you may have disturbances or imbalances in your energy body or energy field. Specific high vibration Energy Healing brings you back to self & gives you clarity & harmony.


Aura Cleansing is cleansing the Aura of any negative energies that happen to be stuck there. Our Aura is our energy field which can be like a protective filter. Sometimes for a variety of reasons our Aura can get clogged up with negative energies. You sit on a chair & I work in your Aura to clear it. If these energies are left in the Aura, emotional, spiritual & physical well being can be affected.


Chakra Clearing & Balancing is cleansing of the energy centres known as the Chakras. The 7 main Chakras are the centres of our energy body & life force energy on every level. They are our emotional centres too. Past traumas or imbalances may have had an impact upon our energy and so our Chakras. This energy sticks there until it is cleared. You sit on a chair & I work in the areas of your Chakras, removing the negative energy stuck there, causing a block, be it emotional or energetic. This brings clarity, balance & harmony there instead.


Spiritual Counselling is my personal style of counselling in which I follow Person Centred Ethical Framework guidelines & offer spiritual insightful guidance, enabling you to come to realisations, a way through & forward.


Soul Coaching & Life Coaching are my personal styles of mentoring, coaching you & guiding you along your path in life. Within this, offering many techniques to bring you realisation, clarity, positivity & purpose to bring you to action to fulfil your potential.


EFT is Emotional Freedom Therapy. It is a type of hypnotherapy technique which involves tapping pressure points to eradicate particular unwanted behaviours, fears, phobias, addictions or false beliefs. It is great for irrational behaviours that seem beyond control, such as overeating. Tapping the pressure points & reciting words chosen in the session stimulate the meridians & send messages to the brain to re programme the mind & so be free of those life limiting thoughts, false beliefs or behaviours, etc, so bringing emotional freedom.


Space Clearing is going in to a space, usually a home & clearing it of any lingering energies or entities that may be causing a disturbance or a feeling of unease. Sometimes the energy in a place doesn't feel right. This energetic clean sweep is of great benefit when perhaps moving in to a new property, when perhaps you are aware of a bad feeling or of spirit activity or disturbances, or when you just can't seem to settle & be at peace in a space.


My uniquely devised Quantum Energy Massage offers relaxation & release. It includes traditional Swedish massage, Chakra Balancing & Cleansing, Aura cleansing, Kundalini energy awakening & Polar alignment. This is a wonderful, new & unique therapy. It is unique to me & brings together some of the most powerful healing therapies to truly bring about relaxation, clearing, balance, connection to oneself & peace. As the name suggests & incorporating all the energy techniques involved, it tunes you in to the Quantum Physics level & so in tune with the energy of the universe.


Reiki massage is a great massage which combines a traditional Swedish massage with Reiki healing. This great therapy brings about relaxation & peace of mind. The Holistic Swedish Massage element, using traditional Swedish Massage strokes, it is great for body & mind. The benefits of true massage have been recognised since ancient times. It's your choice; relaxation, de stress, vitality, rejuvenation, detox, cellulite treatments, muscle tone, aid to weight loss, help with health conditions. The added Reiki healing element of the treatment brings emotional peace & well being. It combines the power of touch with the massage & energy channelled through the hands.

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